Authentic Crete

Support Authentic Crete

Our aim is to “support Authentic Crete”, in other words support local traditions and culture. LYKNO Tourism and Congress helps you organize a wide variety of group programs and excursions that are oriented to clients with a passion for alternative types of tourism such as:wildlife holidays, trekking, sailing, bird-watching, natural holidays, cultural holidays, religious holidays, fly and drive, off-road holidays and many others.

The responsible selection of suppliers guarantee a holiday with respect to the environment and the local culture. Our orientation is to establish a strong relation between the traveler and the local culture and the locals, and promote alternative tourism as the future of tourism for the island. Support Authentic Crete is not a slogan, its our goal.


Our experience and wide suppliers’ network guarantee that your program will not only be successful but also profitable. From the time of booking till the time of departure our staff will be ready to provide professional, fast and efficient solutions for your clients.

Our aim is not only to provide with the highest service possible but also to go deeper than this. Based on our professional experience and the direct and personal relation that we develop with our clients, we guarantee an excellent organization for your clients.

Recommended Trekking Experiences

Some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost.