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Counting 40 years in the filed of tourism, Lykno Tourism operates as an incoming tour operator  for Crete and Greece, and strives to provide professional services in all fields of tourism covering all Crete and Greece.

Religious tours, student travel, group tours, bus rental for daily excursions, alternative tourism, hiking and bird-watching tours are some of the services that Lykno offers.

The care that our guests experience from us during their journey through our warm local hospitality, finest guides, expert travel planners and signature blend of natural luxury ensures that your group will have an unforgettable time.

Member of H.A.T.T.A (Hellenic Association of Tourist and Travel Agencies)

Incoming tour operator for Crete and Greece offering high quality services for group tours, bus rentals, conferences and incentives.

Support Authentic Crete

LYKNO Tourism is an travel agency for Crete and helps your company organise a wide variety of group programs and excursions that are oriented to clients with a passion for alternative types of tourism such as:wildlife holidays, trekking, sailing, bird-watching, natural holidays, cultural holidays, religious holidays, fly and drive, off-road holidays and many others.

The responsible selection of suppliers guarantee a holiday with respect to the environment and the local culture. Our orientation is to establish a strong relation between the traveller and the local culture and the locals, and promote alternative tourism as the future of tourism for the island.

Travel to Crete with Lykno Tourism and meet the alternative side of the island, its culture and its people by participating in everyday activities such as cooking lessons, cheese making and olive oil preparation.

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