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LYKNO Tourism and Congress helps you organize a wide variety of group programs and excursions that are oriented to clients with a passion for alternative types of tourism such as:wildlife holidays, trekking, sailing, birdwatching, natural holidays, cultural holidays, religious holidays, fly and drive, off-road holidays and many others.

The responsible selection of suppliers guarantee a holiday with respect to the environment and the local culture. Our orientation is to establish a strong relation between the traveller and the local culture and the locals, and promote alternative tourism as the future of tourism for the island.

Some of the various types of alternative tourism that we can provide are:

  • Agrotourism; Crete demonstrates a great variety of agrotouristic activities and the last years many agrotouristic facilities have been created. Check some agrotouristic facilities here. 
  • Sports Tourism; Sports tourism includes bike tours, sea sports as well as paragliding.
  • Motorcycle Tours; The mainland of Crete is an amazing place to be discovered by motorbike and sets a unique background for alternative tourism activities.
  • Jeep Safari
  • Walking and trekking tours
  • Bird watching tours; The great variety of flora and fauna of the “undiscovered” Crete gives the opportunity for unforgettable experiences.
  • Gastronomical and wine tours; Alternative tourism is a way to meet the tradition of our island, which apart from its archeological inheritage is the food and the drinks that are produced locally.
  • Religious tourism