Our wine tour includes 6 full excursions which combine visits to the most famous vineyards all over Crete. Visitors will have a chance to see the production methods of wine and taste several Cretan varieties such as the ones below:

Vilana: The island’s white star, Vilana, makes an appearance in the PDO Peza or Sitia wines with its fascinating fine aroma, its light taste and its refreshing lemon-scented acidity.
Vidiano: Unique apricot aroma, rich body, transfixing creamy taste. These elements make Vidiano the rising diva of the Cretan vineyard and justify its qualifying as Greece’s Viogner!
Dafni: The various aromas of Dafni bring to mind the well-known plant dafni (laurel), hence its name. Quite a remarkable variety, whose scarcity is matched by the rarity of its taste character.
Thrapsathiri: A variety grown everywhere in Crete, offering balanced wines, rich in flavor. This is where the white PDO Sitia wines draw their particular taste from.
Kotsifali: Soft and mellow, full of plum fragrances, the fleshy Kotsifali can be described as the Cretan equivalent of Merlot. Jointly responsible for the wonderful PDO Peza and Archanes wines.
Liatiko: Excellent red variety which may be lacking in color, but offers unique sweetness and character. The mind-blowing sweet and dry PDO Sitia and Dafnes wines are indisputable proof.
Malvazia di Candia: This special clone of the aromatic Malvazia has returned to the fore, offering a real scented bouquet to both sweet and dry wines of the island.
Mantilari: Wild and untamed like the Cretan land and its people, Mantilari is considered to be the king of native red varieties. This is where the PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) Peza.
Muscat of Spina: This clone of Muscat is a small-grape treasure. In fact, its thin skin skyrockets the fine character of the dry wines it offers.
Plyto: Yet another variety recently saved from extinction, Plyto completes the mosaic of Cretan aromas and tastes with its refreshing acidity, its lemon scent and its lightness.
Cabernet Sauvignon: The sun and the heat offer maturity and volume, which balance the strong tannins, but also give this magnificent variety a Cretan twist, whether you enjoy it in varietal wines or blended with other international as well as native varieties.
Chardonnay: The local character of this variety can be offset through careful harvesting and modern winemaking in low temperatures, without, however, sacrificing its vivacious flavor.
Merlot: No matter how easily it can be consumed, its cultivation is very tricky. The island’s skilled wine producers, however, have found the solution in selecting heavy soils, high altitudes and cold vineyards.
Sauvignon Blanc: The warm climate may extract some of the Sauvignon’s intense aromas, but it gives it body and soul, without taking away any of its zest and vivacity.
Syrah: The love of the deep-colored Syrah for the warm Mediterranean climate goes without saying. So, neither its splendid acclimatization nor its excellent results from one end of the island to the other should come as a surprise.

Wine tour description

DAY 1    Arrival – Meeting with Guide&Transfer to the hotel (Iraklio city)

DAY 2    Visit to Knossos archeological site. Next stop PEZA wineries for wine testing, guided tour in vineyards, and souvenirs. Tour continues to traditional Village Thrapsano for a tour in the traditional pottery making of Crete.

DAY 3    Visit to Lassithi Plateau and Dicti Cave. Next stop the “Lyrarakis” wineries where the tour includes a visit to the medieval celars of the area, a visit to the wineyeards, and finally wine testing of some of the most famous Cretan varieties. Our wine tour continues to traditional village Arhanes with the unique Cretan architecture.

DAY 4    Guided tour in Iraklio city and some of the most important sites (Venetian walls and castle, Catholic churches, main market). Wine tour continues to “Boutari” winery in Skalani for a complete tour of wine testing in one of the most famous and best-seeling wineries of Greece.

DAY 5    Tour starts at the archeological site of Tylissos and continues to the picteresque village of ZAROS and its wonderful natural lake. Next stop will be the “Zaharioudakis” winery in the village of Plouti where participants will have a guided tour in the wineries and the chance to test the local wines. Final stop of the day will be in Rethymno where group will spend the night.

DAY 6    Day 6 starts at the postminoan cemetery of Armeni village and continues to the maginificent lake of Kournas. During miday group will have the chance to visit the “DOURAKIS”wineries for a complete tour in the wineyeards, cellars and main unit of the factory.

DAY 7    Last day of this programme will be oriented to the region of Chania. First stop will be Akrotiri and the graves of Venizelo family, probably the most important politician in the modern Greek history. Tour continues to the monastery of Agia triada, before visiting the “NOSTOS”wineries in the village of Vatolakos. Last stop will be Chania where group will the chance to wander around the old city.

DAY 8    Transfer to airport. Departure.

Prices from 411.00 per person on full board basis.

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