Excursion in West Crete includes a visit to Arkadi Monastery and the cities of Chania and Rethymno. Arkadi was built in the 16th century by a Byzantine emperor and suffered a great destruction during the Cretan revolutions. In 1866 ,300 men and 643 women and children ,who were inside the monastery, defended themselves against 15.000 Turks for 3 days at the end when the situation became helpless, they all gathered in the gun powder storage room and after a joint decision they put fire and blew it up ,thus killing together many Turks. There is a small Museum in the Monastery which includes the banner of the revolution and various valuable vessels. Rethymno is one of the most picturesque Greek towns with remnants from both the Venetian and the Turkish periods .Narrow streets ,old Venetian houses and fountains give the town a characteristic local color not to be found anywhere else in Crete or in Greece. In Rethymno you could visit Fortetza (The Venetian Acropolis overlooking the town –entrance fees for this is extra),the old Venetian harbor, Turkish minarets, remnants of the Venetian Walls which once surrounded the town can still be seen. Chania has been built on the ruins of ancient Kydonia. Today it is divided into the old and new town. The old found in the mosques give it also a Turkish color. You could visit its famous fish & fruit market and its beautiful port.

Languages: ENG-RU

Prices: 38.00 (adult), 19.00 (child) Entrance=3.00

Days: FRI

*Arkadi – Kournas Lake – Rethymno available every Tuesday ENG-RUS with 36.00 (adult), 18.00 (child)

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