Excursion in South Crete includes the visits to Monasteries of Odigitria and Paliani, Gortys and Matala. Gortys was an ancient city mentioned by Homer. The city reached its highest point when it became capital of Crete during the Roman period. The most important monument of Gortys is the Great Inscription with the laws of Gortys written on 12 stony plates in the Dorian dialect (6th cent .BC).These laws give us information about the way of living in the Cretan cities and were used as a model for the legislation of Athens and Sparta. If one considers that the Roman law was originated from the legislation of Ancient Greece and that the latter was influenced by the laws of Ancient Crete ,then the importance of the inscription of Gortys id quite obvious. On the same site there is an Odeon ,built at the beginning of the Roman period ,the chapel of St. Titus ,the Pretorium, a temple called Ission, the amphitheater and hippodrome, the Nymfaion, a monumental fountain and the acropolis where sculptures were found.

South crete excursion will end at Matala, which s a village which used to be the port of Phaestos and later on of Gortys and still preserves its Ancient name. There are also caves on the beach which were used by hippies at the end of 1960. Bathing suite is essential.

Languages: ENG-RUS

Prices: 38.00 (adult), 19.00 (child) Entrance=7.00

Days: MON

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