On this excursion visitors have the opportunity to visit the Palace of Knossos built in 2000 BC. Knossos was the prosperous Minoan Capital and the seat of King Minos .Some believe that the indicate Palace with its many rooms was the mythical Labyrinth .The tour is followed by a visit to the Museum of Heraklion which is one of the most important museums in the world containing a magnificent collection of findings from the Minoan period i.e. seals, coins ,vases ,jewelry and frescoes . Here are also treasures from Phaestos ,Zakros and other sites of Crete, a remarkable collection ranging from Neolithic to Roman times. In particular visitors can see the first written sign in the world; the disc of Phaestos.


Prices: 27.00 (adult), 13.50 (child) Entrance=6.00

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